What You Can Do About Recruitment Strategies In The Next 10 Minutes

If you were to audit your recruiting process would it consistently deliver top talent?

Finding top talent is not easy and it’s getting harder.  Just because the recession is lasting longer than originally predicted doesn’t mean your next superstar is waiting for your newspaper recruitment ad.  Recruiting strategies are as important today as they have ever been.  Recruiting right the first time is how to retain employees.   Today no business can afford to lose its top talent.

To find, and keep, top talent, business leaders must have an effective recruiting strategy.  In my recruitment process outsourcing business I find few companies with effective recruiting strategies.  Effective meaning a recruiting process that is tailored to their specific talent needs.  Every organization, large or small, has to adopt a recruiting strategy that will pull the best people into their organization.  This is not the old “post and pray” method of recruiting.

So what can you do about your recruitment strategy in the next ten minutes that will dramatically improve your results? It is not new recruitment software.  It is not the next bestseller about how to retain employees.   Very simple; quit trying to hire people and start attracting them!  A popular recruiting strategy is to cut and paste your job description into an online posting.  This might be effective if you want to generate a lot of resumes, but it has little to do with attracting top talent.   Top talent wants to know how a job will challenge them, what they will learn, who they will work with, and how they can contribute.

Look at your current job postings.  Would they really attract the best?  If not, take the next ten minutes and change your recruitment strategy.


  1. I quite agree! You have to write those job descriptions from the point of view of someone who is currently employed and not necessarily looking. Not from the point of view of the HR team or the hiring manager as a tool for performance review. Why should a superstar (you do want one right?) want to work for your company? What, exactly, would he/she be doing for you? Do you really need all those degrees and years of experience for this particular job? What is the “sizzle”?
    I work in the biotech/biopharma world and “the science” is very important as a hiring tool.
    Connie Hampton

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