5 Creative Ways To Find A Job

shutterstock_90893888So you have posted your resume all the top job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs. You’ve taken the step the few job seeker do – you’ve followed up with calls and networked until you are blue in the face. Each Sunday you open your laptop again and apply for every job in your field. Still you have little to no results for all your efforts.. Perhaps it is time to try some unique ways to find a job.

Send Half of Your Resume

Find a company that looks like a great fit for you. It would even be a company that you’ve already applied to but never responded. Write a great cover letter about why you are such a good fit, pointing to the enclosed resume. Don’t seal the envelope and don’t enclose a resume! They’ll think the resume fell out in the mail. They might call to tell you and now you can engage them in a conversation.

Write A Prospecting Letter

Yes, sometimes even direct mail can have power. Research 5-10 companies for which you’d like to work. Send a letter through the mail to your contact network and ask them if they know anyone who works at any of the companies on your list. When a contact says they know someone on your list, send them your resume and ask them to forward it their contact or ask permission to send it yourself. Be sure to follow up with your contact with a handwritten thank you note.

E-Mail Chain Letter

Expand your list of target companies to a minimum of 20. Send an email to everyone you know to see if they can refer you to someone at one (or more) of your targeted companies. Finally, ask them to forward your email to 10 more people. CAUTION – you probably shouldn’t do this if you’re currently employed or you want to keep your search confidential!

HappyDistribute A Booklet

Write a short booklet with information relevant to your industry and give it away. Everyone loves free information and this demonstrates your expertise. Give the booklet away electronically and post about its availability to your LinkedIn Groups where hiring managers will see it.

Call Human Resources

Call the human resources department. Ask them what outside agency or third-party recruiting firm they use. They will ask you why you are asking. Tell them you know that their company is not currently looking for someone with your skill set but the agency may be dealing with other firms, so you are looking for a recommendation. They may very well ask you for an interview. Even if they don’t you still come away with a lead. They would love to save the agency fees. Also being recommended gives you special attention. Send them a handwritten thank you note.


Sometimes when your conventional approaches aren’t working you need to become unconventional. Pick one of these unique methods and use it this week. Please post your results in the comments below…