Do candidates get your best customer service?

I received an email from PayPal a few weeks ago saying my account has been “limited”!  Not sure what that meant, I logged into my account to see what was wrong.  Three weeks later I still can’t get an answer.  They don’t return emails.  There “customer service” phone number is buried deep within their website, which tells me they really don’t want you to call.  When you get someone on the phone they can’t answer questions.  Bottom line – after almost 7 years of patronage, hundreds of transactions, and never any problem I’m still locked out!  It is frustrating and unnecessary and I have a low opinion of PayPal.  Clearly they could use some customer service lessons.

Companies need to ask themselves if they give good customer service to candidates.  Top talent has no patience, and no need, for bad customer service from HR and hiring managers.  Do you take days to provide feedback to candidates or recruiters?  That’s bad customer service.  Are your hiring interviews unstructured and off-the-cuff?  That’s bad customer service.  Do you treat candidates as a commodity; to be screened out instead of courted?  That’s bad customer service.

The same principles that define great customer service should also be incorporated into the hiring process.  It is a reflection of a company’s culture and how they value their employees.  Top talent is looking for an experience, not a job.  Be sure your hiring experience is first class.