Grateful People Are Happier, Healthier

I wanted to share this story from today’s Wall Street Journal.  It is important to employers for several reasons.  First, happier, healthier employees are infinitely more productive than those who are not.  Strategic employers promote environments that encourage happier and healthier lifestyles.  This also increases the positive response to their employment brand and attracts star performers.

Secondly, Strategic Employers do a lot for their employees.  They also find creative ways to let them know.  It is not a one – way street.   When you’ve attracted top talent and matched them with jobs they were made to do, they are very grateful for the opportunity.  Show your key contributors that you are grateful for their commitment and service.  Show them what you are doing to them fulfill their dreams.  Their gratitude will return to your organization many times over in the form of increased profits!

Here’s the article: