How to Effectively Work with Recruiters

March 23rd @ 11:00 AM PST/12:00 PM MST/1:00 PM CST/2:00 PM EST

During your job search, you may encounter third-party recruiters as well as corporate recruiters.  These individuals understand the needs of their clients and are very effective making appropriate matches.  During this session you will learn the following:

  • How to position yourself with third-party recruiters
  • What it takes to impress a corporate recruiter
  • How to proactively get a recruiter to pursue you

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Do You Have a Career or a Job?

Now is the time to answer this question!

There is still a good deal of uncertainty lingering in the managed care industry.  Health care reform, expanding government, new regulations, and possible new reimbursement rates are still issues yet to be resolved.  Everyone wants more clarity, but a clear course of action remains elusive.

One thing that is clear – there will be more opportunities for career growth in 2011 than ever before.  Managed care nurses who are proactive about their careers are in a strong position to capitalize on new opportunities.  Those who are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see what happens to their jobs, could find themselves out of the game.  Everyone must decide if they have a career or a job.  If you have a career you’ll thrive.  If all you have (or want) is a job then the next few years could be a fearful experience.

A career has a concept of personal development.  A job has a concept of needing money to do something else.

To grow in your career, you need to:

1. Set goals for development and advancement

2. Set priorities

3. Develop a plan

4. Use opportunities and changes to either advance or refine your plan

5. Review (Go back to step #1)

You should review annually what you did last year and what you plan for next year.  Keep your plans where you can easily read them any day of the year.  Look for growth in each area of your career.  If you see an area that has not improved, focus more on that area on your next plan.

Set goals for yourself.  The goals need be measurable because you must be able to tell when you’ve accomplished one of your goals.  Set goals that make you stretch.  All successful people have failed.  It’s how you deal with setbacks that count.  If you have never failed then you have never reached!

What about YOUR Career Goals?

Have you ever felt like there is NO time for yourself?  Most individuals I know are focused on everyone else.  Please take time right before the end of the year, to write down your top ten “A” non-negotiable goals, ten “B” goals and ten “C” goals.

It is just as important to not only to WANT to achieve those goals, but to EXPECT it to happen.  Under each goal write four or five smaller actions items.  Attacking a goal and one action item at a time, simplifies your ability to attain your goals.

The Law of Attraction is very fair.  Whatever energy you are putting out, is what comes back to you.  Focus on what you WANT versus what you don’t have.  Take time to think about your career and dreams.  The goals are obviously a combination of business, personal, health and spiritual goals.  Read the goals often and check them off as you accomplish each goal.  It is a proven fact that you greatly increase your chances of success when you write things down.  Take time to think of yourself.