Unpacking The Jobs Plan – What is Really There?


The link below is to an article in the Wall Street Journal about the President’s jobs bill.  It is an excellent overview and every employer should read this.  Some key points contained in the jobs plan….

  • Nothing really addresses the underling cause of current unemployment; the real estate mess.  Until real estate, housing in particular, starts to make a comeback we will not see tremendous growth in jobs.
  • Like a domino effect, the housing crisis has created an access to capital crisis.  This was cited in Inc. magazine as the number one reason why small businesses are not hiring in a robust way.  According to the article below nothing about capital is addressed in the plan.  Small business tax breaks are part of the bill, but they appear to be temporary and most small business owners will take those savings to the bottom line, not necessarily hire people.
  • A large portion of the plan relies on government sponsored/funded construction projects. While this may offer some temporary unemployment relief for that industry, it is doubtful the Super Committee will spare the axe for these projects.

Read through the article and leave me your thoughts.  The comments on the WSJ site are particularly interesting.

Article Link:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111904836104576560593248402036.html


Grateful People Are Happier, Healthier

I wanted to share this story from today’s Wall Street Journal.  It is important to employers for several reasons.  First, happier, healthier employees are infinitely more productive than those who are not.  Strategic employers promote environments that encourage happier and healthier lifestyles.  This also increases the positive response to their employment brand and attracts star performers.

Secondly, Strategic Employers do a lot for their employees.  They also find creative ways to let them know.  It is not a one – way street.   When you’ve attracted top talent and matched them with jobs they were made to do, they are very grateful for the opportunity.  Show your key contributors that you are grateful for their commitment and service.  Show them what you are doing to them fulfill their dreams.  Their gratitude will return to your organization many times over in the form of increased profits!

Here’s the article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704243904575630541486290052.html?KEYWORDS=thanksgiving

The New Normal: Doing More with Less

Even the government recognizes this business reality!
The accompanying link is the text of remarks Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently made to the American Enterprise Institute.  While these remarks primarily focus on improvements needed in our education system, not how Duncan specifically addresses the business world graduates are entering.
What does this mean for businesses?  It means businesses have to attract and retain high impact performers.  They need people who have the ability to get results in difficult times.  Unfortunately the methods most businesses use to find these key contributors actually repel them!  Corporate leaders have to adopt a new talent management paradigm – a strategy the attracts the best and keeps them.
Click on the American Enterprise Institute link to find the article.

Keep Your Employees Happy and You Will be Happy

Retention of key employees is one of the greatest challenges faced by corporate leaders.  This issue has more to do with maintaining and growing profitability than any issue facing businesses today.  There are a few simple ways to make your employees feel important.  It is also crucial that you attempt to keep them happy! A happy employee is an employee who will remain loyal to you even when another opportunity presents itself.  One way to keep a strong solid relationship with your employees is to celebrate anniversaries!  The following are companies who have implemented programs to let their employees know that they are valued.

At the Leo Burnett Company in Chicago, Illinois, every employee receives a gift on Anniversary Day.  Some of the gifts given were jams and jellies, a model train, statues and customized bottles of wine.  In addition, they gave one dollar for every year of the agency’s life.

At Nissan in Smyrna, Tennessee, any employee with 12 months of service qualifies to lease a Nissan car for $160 per month.  This also includes maintenance, tax, license and insurance.

Every Westin Hotel has an Annual Banquet honoring employees with more than five years of service.

Mary Kay Cosmetics employees receive 20 shares of stock on their 5th Anniversary, on their 10th they receive 80 shares and on their 15th they receive 120 shares.

The Walt Disney Company plans service recognition awards, peer recognition programs, attendance awards and milestone banquets for 10, 15 and 20 years of service.

At Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri, employees can invite any and all of their friends throughout the company to share their 25th Anniversary Cake.  Typically, 200 to 1,000 people show up for each celebration.

Pitney Bowes, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, has an Anniversary Vacation Policy that gives an employee with 25 years of service an extra month of vacation.  The same benefit is then offered to the employee every 5th year.

The JCPenney store in Laurel, Montana, had a 25th Anniversary Sale to honor Pat Mullaney, who had managed the store for 25 years.

Ryder System’s 50th Anniversary Celebration was celebrated with a cake that was shaped like a truck and covered with yellow icing.

At Raychem Corporation in Menlo Park, California, celebrated their 25th Anniversary, it held a gigantic community party to which it invited all of its employees, their families and special guests.  The maker of high-tech industrial products held a daylong celebration at its 140-acre plant site.  Everyone was served a steak dinner.  There was continuous entertainment for seven hours, featuring headline acts and 15 carnival rides, including a ferris wheel and a merry-go-round.

These examples are of companies who have gone above and beyond to ensure that their employees remain loyal to them.  Of course there are other ways to recognize your employees.  One idea is to simply have a plaque engraved with your employee’s name on it when they reach 5, 10 or 15 years of employment with your company.  Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated for the work they do.  Implement a program that is right for your Company Culture.