Small Things Matter When You Hire

Me Running

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A few weeks ago I took an extended trip with my family.  The first morning I woke up before everyone else to go for a run.  As I dressed I suddenly realized I had forgotten my running cap.  That might not seem like a big deal, but it makes a real difference in the quality and enjoyment of my run.   I always run with that cap, it keeps the perspiration out of my eyes, provides a shield from the sun, and has a safety reflector quality to it.  When I got into mile two my eyebrows didn’t work  as well as that cap. I spent the rest of my run annoyed and wiping my eyes .   In the haste of packing for the trip I forgot to include a small detail that created a consequential impact.

The same is true when a company is trying to hire a key player.  The small details have a consequential impact.  Forget to create a performance profile?  Than all you have is a job description.  Forget to write an attraction oriented job posting?  Than all you have are ‘B’ and ‘C’ level people applying.  Forget to profile the job?  Then all you can do is validate a resume.   Missing just one of these details causes companies to make costly hiring mistakes.

If I had used a packing checklist I might have remembered my running cap.  Likewise, companies that use structured hiring process make much better hiring decisions.