“Lack of qualified workers leaves good jobs empty”

There is a myth that the current marketplace is flooded with top talent looking for work.  As this article points out, this is just not true.  Top talent is as scare today as it was before the recession.  What has happened is that Strategic Employers now have more options.  For instance…

1) You should look at your current workforce and ask yourself if you had to do it all over again would you hire the same people?  If  you can’t say ‘yes’ for everyone then the current employment market might give you some options to upgrade.

2) Topgrading should become a strategic priority.  Benchmark your best people with a comprehensive assessment tool and “profit interviews”.  This will help you objectively identify the “keepers” and learn why they stay with your company.

3) Review your onboarding process.  If you can find top talent you want this process to fully integrate them into your company.  Be sure you have flexibility in your onboarding process so you can meet the diverse needs of the four generations in your workforce.
Here’s the article….