Have You Experienced the New Interviews?

It’s important for you to keep up with the various job titles possibly being used by the companies you are targeting. The titles Recruiting Manager and Recruiter are now being referred to as Talent Acquisition Manager or the Talent Acquisition Team. There is also a new type of interview being conducted in addition to the behavioral based interviews. The new style of interview is a performance based interview. The person conducting the interview is trying to predict future performance based on your past performance. There are also attempting to identify accomplishments and the impact of your accomplishments on past employers.

In every conversation you need to stress your accomplishments and show how you were better, faster, more thorough, saved more money and anything else that made you stand out from other people who had your job.

People are not going to take time to figure out why they should hire you. Your cover letter, resume, interview, track record and follow up process should show hiring authorities why you are the best person for their opportunity.

Did You Know that when you are looking for a job, you are involved in a sales process? You are selling your skills and ability to your next possible employer. Networking is one of the most effective ways to find your next job.