CAREER ADVISOR – April 11, 2012

It may be time for you to focus on one company at a time in your job search.  Select a company you want to work for and do as much research on them as possible.  Customize your resume to fit their company culture and needs.  Study past and current projects the company is involved in and show how you could help with those projects.  If possible, complete some free research or work for them showing proof of your talent.  Express the reasons you want to work for their company and your high level of confidence.   This type of focused marketing of your abilities may result in scheduling more interviews that will lead to job offers.  The minute you have completed your first target, you repeat the same process for the next company you have targeted.   Hiring authorities will appreciate your extra effort.

It’s time to read and review the 16 step process for finding a job as outlined under PREPARE – SEARCH & CONNECT – INTERVIEW on the Home Page of our Career Portal.    Doing this will assist you in jump starting a new search or put new life in a search that you may have been conducting for several months.  Individuals who have completed all sixteen steps have reported great results.  We’d like for you to be the next person who accepts a job offer for their dream job!