Baby Boomers and Hospitals

In the link below the Mississippi Hospital Association offers great insight about the impact Boomers will have on hospitals

In addition to how hospitals provide care to the Boomers, there is also an employment implication that hospitals must recognize.  Just because Boomers retire it doesn’t mean they want to quick working.  They will rapidly become an important part of hospital staffing as temporary and contract employees.  Over the next ten years more than a half million nurses and almost 160,000 physicians will retire.  The current nurse and physician shortages will only increase over this time.  In fact, the BLS forecasts more jobs in health care than willing and able workers.  Hospitals will not be able to maintain acceptable staffing levels with full-time employees.

Contract and temporary assignments are highly desired by outgoing Boomers.  They have the skill, knowledge and expertise that hospitals need.  By incorporating this talent pool into their overall strategy, hospitals will enjoy advantages such as:

  • Reduced overhead
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction
  • Less start-up training
  • Increased quality of care and patient satisfaction

For this to be successful organizations need to throw out their traditional view of temporary staffing.  This is no longer a situation of just “filling in” until a full-time person is hired.  Contract Boomers should be a permanent part of hospitals long-term strategy.